About Us

We Are Rock Hill Fire Department
and we serve with pride.

We are the Rock Hill Volunteer Fire Department

We proudly serve our community with an all-volunteer firefighting force. We respond to all emergencies in our area -- fire, medical and recues. Due to the increase in natural disasters, flooding, and recreational use of our rivers, streams and lakes, our commissioners and officers realized the importance of establishing an ice water and swift/surface water rescue team.

Since Hurricane Irene in 2011, we have increased the number of trained personnel significantly. Our team is comprised of rescue swimmers, operations level personnel and boat operators.

The Rock Hill Volunteer Fire Department Water Rescue Team is trained to provide service/aid in the following types of emergencies:

  • Swift Water Rescues (Reach, Throw, or Go Rescues)
  • Flooding Evacuations
  • Patient Immobilization in water (pools, lakes, rivers, boating accidents, etc.)
  • Ice Rescues
  • Boat Operations (we also assist the Sullivan County Dive Team and they assist us)

The Rock Hill community is a generous and involved group of people and we appreciate their continued support. As you know, most community fire stations must raise extra funds to help offset costs, and Rock Hill Fire Department is no exception. Fundraising events throughout the year help to generate needed funds. Not only do we raise funds for our fire department, but we also raise money for worthwhile community causes such as Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Little League, and a scholarship fund.


Rock Hill Fire Department Scholarship

Anyone who resides full-time in the Rock Hill Fire District is eligible to apply for the Rock Hill Volunteer Fire Department Scholarship. Preferential consideration will be given to Rock Hill Volunteer Fire Department members, then immediate family of a fire department member, and then residents of the Rock Hill Fire District. Deadline for applications is May 1st.

Click to view the Scholarship Application PDF in a new window.

Return by mail to:
Rock Hill Volunteer Fire Department,
Attention Scholarship Committee
P.O. Box 116
Rock Hill, NY 12775

Emergency Response Calls

We record of the number of fire and other emergency calls we respond to, and are proud of our track record.


Rock Hill Volunteer Fire Dept.
Annual Emergency Calls:


2022: 261

2021: 216

2020: 198

2019: 172

2018: 232

2017: 187

2016: 198

2015: 180

2014: 168

2013: 175