Photos–Ballfield Construction 2013-2014

Rock Hill Fire Department, NY

These photos document the construction of our fantastic ballfield, located behind the Rock Hill firehouse. Clearing began in early fall of 2013, and the field was completed in spring of 2014.


We thank everyone who donated funds to this project, including every volunteer who gave their time and effort to make it happen. If we forgot to say thanks at any time, we hereby publicly acknowledge your contributions large and small. THANK YOU EVERYONE! And we appreciate all our sponsors who help offset the cost of maintenance each year!


Photo gallery begins with (3) "before" images taken on 8/20/2013, and moves through the stages of construction:

  • Clearing (11)
  • Leveling (9)
  • Ready for Topsoil (5)
  • Adding Drainage (6)
  • Spreading Topsoil (4)
  • Leveling & Prepping Topsoil (4)
  • Installing Sod (14)
  • Winter Progress + Fence & Lights (11)
  • Completion (8)